Featured in our January Showcase:

Wayne Byerly

 Wayne began playing guitar at the age of 29. He was serving a 15-year prison sentence for armed bank robberies committed in Arizona in the late 80’s through the early 90’s. He was transferred from FCI (Federal Correctional Institution) Phoenix, AZ to a Federal Prison in Memphis, TN where his cellmate had an acoustic guitar in their cell and taught him his first three chords. Wayne spent the rest of his incarceration teaching himself from books and magazines everything he could learn about the guitar and composing his own songs. Wayne says, “Music truly saved my life!”

 He has written many songs that fully explore his journey from being a “Modern Day Jesse James” to a law-abiding citizen, a married father of three who ultimately risked his life to aid federal law enforcement officials in bringing to justice a murderer who was planning a jail break and future murders. Wayne’s life story has been written by the award-winning true crime journalist, Alan Prendergast. His story is a story of redemption. Here is the link to the article Click Here.


Michael J Brown

Michael has played and sang songs he wrote for 4 decades. He is a native Idahoan and writes with a blend of many different styles. From acoustic country to folk and pop he tries to always tell a story with his songs.

  He sings to lift people up and give hope to those who need it, from Destiny is Calling to Don’t give up on you his music will inspire you to go higher and not give up on your hearts quest. Michael has played in bands and recorded many of his songs.

 In 1995 he recorded in Nashville for Platinum Plus Records.  He has traveled to Central America many times and shared his music in English and Spanish. He loves to share the gift of music with everyone he can. A song will stay with someone for a lifetime. He shares his music on YouTube and his songs are played around the world on Spotify, iTunes, Amazon and through all the different online venues. To see more go to

Dave McClellan

Dave grew up in Memphis, Tn. An Idaho native for 24 years, Dave has been a singer/songwriter since high school and in more recent years been part of a Boise local duo called RandomAcX with keyboardist Robert Sutherland. Dave’s primary songwriting has been in acoustic guitar Christian genre for many years but adept at secular covers. He and his wife Vicki have been singing together as well for many years.

His singing and guitar playing style is both aggressive and intimate in his well-crafted guitar playing skills. His roots are both somewhat bluesy as well as melodically influenced by the likes of the Allman Bros, Crosby, Stills and Nash, James Taylor, Steven Curtis Chapman, Matt Redman and Don Potter.

Nancy Kelly

 Nancy is truly a singer/songwriter extraordinaire. I have had the privilege of knowing her for many years and seen her blossom as an artist and composer. She connects with her audience in ways that will make it easy for you to relate to her songs. This is how she describes her journey in her own words. You won’t want to miss her performance.

 My music is a medley of Piano Folk with hints of Jazz and Classical. I write all my own songs and sing them, accompanying myself with piano or dulcimer.

 I’ve enjoyed playing my original tunes in local venues since 1998 – coffee houses, stores, art galleries, parks events, farmers markets, community benefits and festivals. Now that the kids have grown, I’m looking forward to gigging locally and beyond. As Walt Whitman says “Afoot and light-hearted I take to the open road, healthy, free, the world before me…”

I have been writing songs since around age 17, I’ve been honing my musical craft eventually finding my voice. My very first song was about tea-drinking candlelight hours on the eastern shores of Cape Cod. Since then I’ve documented my life in songs, the subject matter reflecting the current phase I find myself in. I love painting 3-minute musical pictures of what I see and feel.

You can see more about Nancy at

Featured in our February Showcase

The Trees The Trees

The Trees The Trees are a five-piece folk band from Boise, Idaho . Their sound relies on harmonious vocals from lead singers Cameron Olson and Scott Sweet, along with lead violin from Danny Barsness, keys from Zach Ruhter, and drums from Clint. They have played at alive after five , and treefort. You can find more info on them at their website:

Greg Bridges

Originally from Knoxville, TN, Greg has called Boise home for nearly 20 years. Growing up in Tennessee, Greg started playing the guitar and singing at an early age with his grandmother, who was a regional country gospel singer. After a few years of formal guitar lessons, he had picked up enough knowledge to begin teaching himself the songs written by the artists he enjoyed listening to. Among his early influences were artists such as Eric Clapton, James Taylor, and Tom Petty. While in high school and college, his musical interested steered him towards other genres like bluegrass, Americana, and jam bands.
  Today, Greg works in the pro audio visual industry and is a part-time musician on the side. Currently he is the lead singer and songwriter for the local band, Great Bait, a 5 piece country rock group that has been gigging around Idaho for the last several years. You can also catch him playing solo gigs around downtown Boise on a regular basis. His life experiences from traveling the country, and a deep respect for nature, are apparent in his lyrics and laid back vocal style.

Wendy Matson 

“Wendy’s music defies categorization. She’s an engaging storyteller of the best tradition, who blends folk, blues, jazz, rock, and country into a sound that’s all her own.”
– Susan Vergara, former Executive Director of Opera Idaho

Wendy creates in the tradition of Woody Guthrie, Bob Dylan, Joan Baez, etc. If you like Suzanne Vega, Chrissie Hynde of the Pretenders, the Beatles, Joni Mitchell, etc., chances are you’ll enjoy Wendy’s music.  

‘I’ve played acoustic guitar and bass professionally since the 1980’s, in rock, country and variety dance bands. I traveled the western half of U.S. and did a Dept. of Defense tour to Hawaii, South Korea, Japan, Guam performing on U.S. Airforce bases
In the early 1990’s I went solo performing my own material, mostly in the Treasure Valley and Oregon.
I also started working as a therapeutic musician in area nursing homes, The VA and the Idaho State Veteran’s Home
My heart’s desire is to entertain, soothe, engage with the audience and generally add a bit of color and joy of sharing my music to the world. See Wendy’s music here:

Cary William White

Cary is a native Idahoan, currently residing in Boise, Idaho, where he performs to audiences of all sizes and kinds.  He has written, performed and recorded over 70 songs, spanning three decades, all ranging from classical and instrumental to progressive rock, folk and alternative. The most unique aspect of his music is its diversity and creativeness.  No two songs are alike, neither are any two of his lyrics.  Eventually, if you listen long enough, he most likely has a song written for you.
Cary’s new album, Electric Honey”, just released in January 2018, gives a unique view into his song writing diversity and agility as composer, instrumentalist as well as vocalist..  He is also excited about the instrumental material that will showcase on this album.  See more here:

Featured in our March Showcase

Kevin Keith

Kevin Keith brought his “Songs of Hope and Peace” to Boise in late 2017 and immediately began creating a space in the Boise Music scene, performing in open mics, retirement communities, and faith gatherings.  He quickly became a regular at the Idaho Songwriters Association events, sharing his new creations and popular favorites.

He’s been writing songs since buying his brother’s guitar forty years ago and has evolved into a performer with something to say.  He performs an eclectic mix from his classic rock roots to Americana/folk-rock.  The glue that holds it all together is his message of Hope.  “Sharing a message of Hope is my passion, along with Raising up Music and the Arts, which have the power to bring people together,” he says.  So listen with your brain, along with your ears and heart!

Kirsti Rae

Kirsti has been singing as long as she can remember and performing professionally since she was about 5. Kirsti grew up in Boise and then went to Nashville with Kenny Roger’s team of musicians in 2004. She worked as a solo and duo artist in Nashville singing and songwriting. She also did studio work for other writers and helped a lot of younger up and coming artists. She has played shows throughout the US and a few in Brazil. She sang at the grand ole port once and opened for Linda Davis. She is a very eclectic singer, and is heavily influenced by her musical hero’s… somewhere between pop and Americana… with a Nashville twist. Kirsti’s writing is always about her life. Each song is my way of expressing the emotion she felt and the circumstances she found herself in. She says, “Music is my therapy, my heart and my love and I write to share that love with world.” 

The Blind Harpdog Trio

Dale ( BlindHarpdog ) Wilson

Dale began playing harmonica in 1973 at age 12. He began performing in clubs in and around Portland Oregon at age 21. Dale has recently been a part of the “Jake Leg Blues Band”  and the ” Anderson Wilson Project”

Thomas Wilson   Guitar and vocals

He is a 16 year old guitar player who was 12 when he started playing. He plays primarily Blues Rock with influneces such as, Stevie Ray Vaughan all the way to Philip Sayce and Kenny Wayne Shepherd. He is very passionate about his music as well as performing. This is his lifetime passion He currently performs with the band Suda .

Robert Sutherland  Piano/Organ

Robert has been playing the piano for 45 years, He was largely inspired by, Keith Emerson, Scott Joplin and Jerry Lee Lewis. He has played Rock, Soul, Blues, country, pop. and currently plays with The Blues Brothers Rock N Soul Revue and The ComeTogether Band.

The Ken Simerly Band

Ken Simerly has spent most of his life right here in the Treasure Valley. After graduating high school, he spent two years singing for an internationally touring group called CTI. He then spent two years in Minnesota and was the lead singer for “This Glorious Revolution”. In 2012 Ken returned to the Treasure Valley where he lives with his wife and four kids. 
In February of 2019 Ken formed the Ken Simerly Band and is excited to get out and begin preforming his own music publicly for the first time. Ken will share his original songs of life, love, and strong family traditions.
Ken Simerly Band members include Jesus Beltran on drums, Jordan Carlson on bass, and Gage Duke on lead guitar. 

Featured in our April Showcase

Gary Tackett

Producer/Singer/Songwriter/Guitarist Gary Tackett has graced every stage from the Oakland Coliseum to the Grand Ole Opry. His love for music started at an early age, listening to Merle Haggard, AC/DC, KISS, David Lindley, Ry Cooder, Duane Allman, Albert Collins, Joe Walsh, ZZ Top, and grew stronger after moving to Los Angeles when he was 18, and playing in a band with famous blues producer Dennis Walker(Dennis produced Robert Cray, and BB King, as well as Lowell Fulson and Phillip Walker). As a sideman, Gary has played guitar for Merle Haggard (Blue Jungle Album), Vern Gosdin, Eddy Raven, Tammy Cochran, Billy Currington, and Antsy McClain and the Trailer Park Troubadours. His no holds barred style of guitar playing (Chickin’ Pickin’ Clawin’ Slidin’) and love for Blues/R&B blend into what Gary calls Funktry (Blues, Country, and Funk) style of playing… Gary also invented the D-Slyde (Takslyd) which was licensed to D’Addario/Planet Waves many years ago.
See more of Gary’s music here:

Seattle Goes South

Seattle Goes South – The husband and wife duo of Walt and Teresa Huntsman began performing their original music in 2015 and have played fairly regularly around the Treasure Valley since early 2016. They draw their name from the fact that Seattle-born Walt (lead vocals, hand percussion, and occasional harmonica) traveled south, where he met and married Alabama-born Teresa (acoustic guitar, backing vocals).

Walt has written lyrics and composed melodies in his head since he was a teenager. He draws inspiration from his own life, from the world around him, and possibly from the voices in his head. (We think we’re just kidding about that last part.) Teresa does most of the arrangements and has co-written several songs with Walt. The music of Seattle Goes South draws on a variety of styles: blues, light jazz, folk, pop, and the occasional dash of country. The couple has self-produced and released two CDs, True North in 2015, and Ten Miles From Bliss in 2016. The latter is available from CDBaby, iTunes, and Amazon.
Seattle Goes South on Facebook –
Seattle Goes South on ReverbNation –

Jean Cardeño

Jean Cardeño is a multi-instrumentalist who started performing music in and around Boise in 1999, performing at numerous coffeeshops, bars and outdoor festivals like the Hyde Park Street Fair, The Boise River Festival, and The Northwest Folklife Festival as half of the duo, JAR, until 2004. After a break and a deal she made with herself, Jean’s music started up again in 2012.  Now she performs as a solo act and as a side person for different projects in the valley. This summer, she will perform at several Shakespeare Festival Greenshows as part of The Renaissance Players. See more at  http://

Captain SNAFU Band

Captain SNAFU is a young band with old taste. They draw influence from classic rock and blues artists like Hendrix, Clapton, and Led Zeppelin. Vocals/lead guitar Noble Holt age 15, Drummer Aaron Contreras age 17, Bass Jadon Webb age 18.

You won’t want to miss this young creative and very talented group. They will amaze you with their sound and musical abilities.